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Ascension Day

Ascension Day 2018 and 2019

Ascension Day in Germany commemorates Jesus’s ascension to heaven and is celebrated 40 days after Easter. It always fall on a Thursday. In 2018, Ascension Day is on 10 May.

201810 MayThuAscension DayNational
201930 MayThuAscension DayNational
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According to accounts in Luke, Matthew and Mark in the Bible, on the days after his resurrection, Jesus was seen by his followers, but on this particular day, the Apostles were asked to wait by Jesus on Mount Olives for the Holy Spirit. In that moment, those people saw Jesus rise into the sky. Two angels soon appeared and told the people that Jesus would come back.

In Germany, this holiday has been declared an official public holiday and celebrated since 1936. Mostly celebrated by Catholics, this day begins with church services. The Easter candle is put out and marches involving torches and banners are common.

The International Charlemagne Prize is given to a person who has donated much of their time to peace and helping others in the community. This ceremony takes place in Aachen because when King Charlemagne was in rule, he worked hard to create peace among different groups of people around him. This Prize is in memory of his hard work and is given out on this day as a reminder that hope and peace are possible.

Men’s day is also celebrated on the same day in Germany because back in the 18th century, gifts were given to fathers after the street parades. For Men’s Day, men get together to eat and have fun.

Overall, this day is a joyous day for fathers and Christians. Since this is a national holiday, banks, post offices and mostly all businesses are closed, but some shops may be open. There are also limits to selling alcohol, public events and dancing. Depending on the area in Germany, public transportation may be working or may be out of service.